Culinary Journey through Traditional Flavors

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South African cuisine, a veritable symphony of flavors, reflects the diversity of its population and draws inspiration from the four corners of the globe. European dishes deliciously fused with African influences, all with an Asian twist. As you explore the culinary world through this article, immerse yourself in an adventure where the Netherlands, Germany, India, Malaysia and France have all left their creative mark on the South African table. Prepare yourself for a unique gustatory journey to the heart of this exceptional culinary fusion.

Biltong &

Biltong is an air-dried meat, cut into thin slices, mainly from beef, but also from game such as antelope, wild boar and ostrich. 

Droewors, on the other hand, is an air-dried sausage. The meat is first dried in a mixture of vinegar, salt, sugar and spices such as coriander and pepper, then hung to complete the drying process.


Where can I buy some?

Well-known brands in South Africa:

Yum Yum! BBQ

Braai / Shisha nyama

Braai, or shisa nyama, which means "to burn meat" in Zulu, is a tradition that originated in the townships of Johannesburg. Initially practiced by butchers who set up barbecues in front of their stores at weekends to grill their meat and sell it on the street, it has now become a common weekend activity in various homes. Guests listen to music, enjoy cold drinks and share a convivial moment around the barbecue.


The word "boerewors" comes from the Afrikaans and Dutch terms "boer" (farmer) and "wors" (sausage). It's a sausage made from minced beef (90%), mixed with pork or lamb, and an assortment of spices (10%). Traditionally, they are presented in a spiral shape and cooked on a braai (barbecue).

Good food

Chakalaka & Pap

Chakalaka is a tasty mix of vegetables including onions, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, beans and spices, usually eaten fresh. Pap", translated as "porridge", resembles polenta and is a starchy dish based on white corn.



Pronounced "ba-bo-tea", this is South Africa's national dish, inspired by Asia. It consists of minced meat (lamb or beef) seasoned with curry spices (turmeric, cumin, curry powder), herbs and dried fruit. The meat is then covered with a mixture of eggs and milk, and baked in the oven. It can be served with yellow rice.


Pronounced "poi-kee-kos", this is a meal prepared in a cast-iron pot. The stew is composed of meat and vegetables, cooked slowly over an open flame. It is cooked in several layers so that all the ingredients can be distinguished at the end.

Bunny chow

It's a street food inspired by the Indian immigrants of KwaZulu-Natal and Durban. This meal consists of a hollowed-out loaf of bread stuffed with curried meat. There are various options: chicken, pork, or vegetarian varieties containing lentils or beans.

Yummy! Desserts


Melktert, which means "milk pie" in Afrikaans, is a dessert created by Dutch settlers in Cape Town. It consists of a pie crust and a filling of milk, eggs, sugar and flour. It is sprinkled with powdered cinnamon at the end.

Malva pudding

Imported from the Netherlands, this dessert is a sweet cake made with flour, baking soda, milk, butter, eggs and apricot jam, topped with a warm cream sauce of cream, butter, sugar and vanilla.


Vetkoek, which means "fat cake" in Afrikaans, is a ball of baked dough that is fried to a crisp outside and soft inside. It is served as is or with a sweet (honey, jam) or savory (curried beef hash, cheese) filling.

Les Bonnes Adresses

Gold Restaurant

It offers an immersive gastronomic experience, featuring African cuisine and culinary traditions. It features a variety of South African, Moroccan, Ethiopian and other dishes. The atmosphere is vibrant, with live music and dance performances, making it a popular venue with tourists and locals alike.

Sakhumzi Restaurant

This restaurant is renowned for offering an authentic South African culinary experience, with a particular emphasis on traditional cuisine. It offers a lively atmosphere with live music, and is very popular with tourists and locals alike.

Spice Route Restaurant

This restaurant offers a unique gastronomic experience with varied and exotic flavors, thanks to a focus on spices and quality ingredients. Located close to various attractions such as wine tastings, chocolate shops and craft boutiques, it is a prime location for visitors wishing to explore the estate's diverse offerings.

Kream Brooklyn

Kream Brooklyn is a popular restaurant in the Brooklyn district of Pretoria, South Africa. It offers international cuisine that fuses flavors and culinary techniques from around the world. The ambience is sophisticated and welcoming, with modern design and elegant touches. It is a popular choice for couples, families and professionals.

This exploration of South African flavors took us on a unique culinary journey, blending cultural influences and local traditions. From biltong to potjiekos, each dish tells a vibrant and delicious South African story.

South African cuisine, rich in diversity and heritage, offers an exceptional taste experience. May these culinary discoveries inspire you to dive into the tasty world of South Africa, share meals and create your own culinary memories inspired by this fascinating nation.